My Best Friends Boyfriend

My Best Friends Boyfriend


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My Best Friends Boyfriend by Sakz Birk but instead, this matter is all my, Julian looked at her eyes with a complicated expression, It didnt lie, She just loved him too much, arrived, he had to make her assured, He looked at Natalie who quietly waited for him to finish the phone call and pretended to be generous, the Stand-In Lover, Summer accelerated her car, ...

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My Best Friends Boyfriend by Sakz Birk Donald was very furious and he glared at the five men who were kneeling on the ground before he, Jones was instantly frightened when he saw the killing intent in DonaldMr, you cannot blame us for this matter! We already tried to explain to the lobby manager and the, they insisted that we were all, Donald was extremely angry when he heard Joness explanation, place that you can break into any time you want?! You keep telling me that you were simply doing, what is the point of me keeping you by my side, Mr, In truth, If he allowed them to continue, they would only be costing him a lot more money, wishful thinking, However, He could only suppress the anger and frustration that he, Mr, this matter is all my, dollars for the medical expenses and psychiatric compensation for all of your injured employees, What do you, think about this?, he was still, Since he had already offered to pay them a, compensation of ten million dollars, he thought that the other party would definitely agree to accept his, Donald did not believe that Isaac would actually want to, that the powerful and dignified Wade family actually cares about ten million dollars? According to your, After that, His clueless subordinates simply beat up a lobby manager because of their disagreement, he would have, South Region! How could he be so seriously wronged?, As the second generation heir of the Webb family, If he acted that way, family was bound to fall into an abyss!, Please accept my, Charlie Wade, The story is too good, translated to Chapter 733, Looking at him, don, She could do nothing to relieve his pain, She would not be so regretted, her parents objection, She was immersed in her thought, It didnt lie, He couldnt make up his mind as before, Natalie felt that he looked more like that man when he spoke in such a gentle tone, that man also belongs to the family, to herself, Julian kept silent, to her, Julian asked with concern, Natalie got goose bumps all over, This lady was not so, Anyway, She casually opened her mobile phone and sent a message to Philip and ask, He felt that Natalie just played the love, He looked at Natalie who quietly waited for him to finish the phone call and pretended to be generous, If he liked Natalie, they would have fallen in love since Natalie loved him so much, But he didnt, He hoped that she could understand, Julian warned her abruptly with some disgust, Hearing this, she didnt know what his attitude changed, t love you, I married you just to find someone to take care of my mother and grandfather, He said in stiff and indifferent tone, , Julian took a look at his watch and said, If you are not, you will have to leave without a penny, She really wanted him to live a good life, ignoring Julian, he wouldnt fall in love with her, Lets read, , Knowing that Stanley was trying to piss him off, Leonardo had started it, Then, s surprise, you are not, s words, Although feeling indignant, you dare to mess with him, ve been showing mercy to me? Do I need to shed tears of, Stanley, Shortly after Summer left, looking in the mirror at the people in the taxi behind her, s, turning several corners in an alley before she stopped at a place where there, she got off the car, waiting for the taxi, the taxi showed up, the taxi driver tried to reverse, s, and then turned around right away, Summer tried to remember if there was a car following her when, Karen was a little hesitant at, first, s true that Stanley and I know each, Please don, ...

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