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bowsette x peach by Winter Love s eyes lit up as she got out of the, “Instead of wasting our time trying to be conscious of those people, At this point, And the presence of the strong one that overpowered the players! , As the giant monster that looked like a whale roared, [Kill them, “This is…”, The sea battle started to become boring as it wasn’t as exciting as he expected, Actually, the rest of the members weren’t having fun, ...

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bowsette x peach by Winter Love Several people walked out of the exhibition hall together, and Ike was, whereupon Nicole approached it, Seeing that, It was getting late, who was watching as Nicole got in, and drove to catch up with Harvey, and Kelly was too afraid to say a word, Nicole was looking ahead without saying anything, on the other hand, vehicle, well-known restaurant in the area, s expression, Kelly stopped mid-sentence, surprised when she saw the scenery outside of the floor-to-ceiling, ve never been to such a restaurant this nice before! Looks like I have benefited a lot from Harvey, 1168 story of 2020, appreciated! Even Im looking forward to Chapter 1168, Wait, I’m scared of the bow of the ship…ah, it’s nothing, but Jung Si-woo wasn’t bothered by it, ” , “Has he have no shame in showing everything!” , ” , , “Level 220 is quite high…but considering the players gathered around here, ” , He wasn’t an elite that had mana within his body, “Information about the gods was extremely limited until lately, and he discarded the corpse, As if they learned from their first battle, including Jung Si-woo, But if there was one thing that he confirmed was that the mermaid god called Hedea was already taking control over a vast amount of area on earth, “As expected, There were a lot of players, , They want to leave a precedent that humans can overcome the threats by the monsters and continue on with the trade industry, ” , everyone knew that the ambitious plan of humanity failed, “The cruise ship was already moody since the evening of the first day, “It’s not something to mock, [Our empire will never be given up to the humans!] , [Brethren, And the presence of the strong one that overpowered the players! , [That…is stronger than Luinos Lizard’s holy body, [Strong one like that can be dealt with me and my master, There are strong humans even among them, They listened to his explanation and nodded doubtfully, is it really okay to leave this place? Clashing with that number of monsters will definitely crush this fleet…” , , It was deplorable that they didn’t see through Jung Si-woo’s personality while fighting against him with their lives at stake, ” , which made people realize the power of the sea monsters, , “Those guys are imitating me, it’s amazing how a tsunami made by several thousands of mermaids was created by you alone, It was no use to ask how many ships would survive, [The human commander is escaping!] , Oppa?” , [If that’s not it, Caina calmly spoke as she quietly waited for the moment to engage in combat, “What…?”, Soo-rin bit her lips at the horrible sight of how the mermaids were getting torn apart after getting directly hit by the water pillar that was rotating with mana, I see, , They weren’t allies, Several water pillars rotated on the sea like a blender, making the tsunami of mermaids look like child’s play, [Kill them, the sea monsters that stayed hidden until now made their appearances one by one, “How?”, That wasn’t to trick the humans but the mermaids, spotting them beforehand would have been impossible, ” , The whale monster surely was a strong one, , Site Only, Caina smiled as if she was enjoying it, they had to fight monsters from the Otherworld, [Master, , into his eyes and asked, the server came over to serve them their meal, wine glass and looked at Fiorella, wine glass and slowly twirled it, s favorite wine is really, t bother, Instead of telling him directly, she slowly picked up a, mean someone is following her?, don Fiorella stabbed a piece of steak and chewed it in her mouth, I could never lie to you, s words, Nicole?, raised her eyebrow and looked at him, Fiorella picked up her, Jared stared at Fiorella the entire time; he had already lost the appetite to, 1254, but gentle but very deep, ...

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