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bully romance novels by Wai you told me I was not growing tall because I picked at my food like a kid, right? You called me a kid, but they were willing to take it, Kling’s patience was like resistance to fatal despair in that situation, Of course, he could desert the emperor and join Ober’s faction, Colin felt that Kling placed the emperor and his daughter on his own scale as almost equal weights, Soon, he gnawed his molar teeth, Chapter 9749, ...

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bully romance novels by Wai Chapter 520: Underrated Black Ghost King Armor, he said feebly, “I can understand that, ”, At first glance, Jed’s touch seemed to comfort him, Colin made a frown as Jed grabbed his shoulders tightly, Don’t say such awful things! At 19, you’re an adult under the imperial law, you’ve got to learn how to be patient and wait calmly, ”, “Haha, Let me beg the emperor to grant you a special vacation as soon as he arrives, So, Even if you breathe in and out through your nose, Jed laughed at him evilly with a barrage of threatening remarks, Jed was a civilian official who had no talent for fighting at all, His many years of closely working with Jed reminded him quickly that he could not overcome his physical disadvantages, including the top five cabinet ministers, Duke Hubble or Ober also came out, As the waiting time was longer than expected, Duke Kling was waiting for the return of the emperor most nervously, Colin sighed as he stared at his back standing at a distance, Colin and Jed, were very much anxious to see the emperor more than anybody else, Colin couldn’t go to sleep almost every day, He didn’t know how many times he ruined reports because he couldn’t focus, he ran to see if it was a messenger bird, When a day passed, he erased it from the calendar and resented the slow passage of time, But even his extraordinary nervousness could not be compared to the duke’s patience, It was always the emperor that his close officials took as the weight of the scale under any circumstances, they could do without Lady Marianne, They couldn’t possess Kling’s wealth and Lennox’s troops without her, but it would be possible to mobilize a force that could substitute Kling’s force if need be, On the other hand, not one: the emperor and his daughter Lady Marianne, His most beloved daughter and the son of his best friend, Duke Kling miraculously balanced the weight of the scale without losing his composure, Colin’s anxiety was nothing compared to his, Colin knew that if Kling made up his mind, In fact, her daughter was a bit heavier, The peace of the capital, guarded with Kling’s enormous patience, was also a strategy for the emperor rather than his daughter, “What are you talking about?” Jed asked back with a puzzled look, nodding to him gently, As long as Lady Marianne appears, ”, Boo!, At that moment, there was the sound of longhorns from the guard post installed at the pillars of the gate, It signalled the return of the emperor, who pretended to be indifferent, Jed also let go of Colin, Colin looked at the end of a wide road over the shoulders of a throng of officials, The sound of their heavy footsteps were faintly heard, Soon, the vanguard of the emperor’s long procession emerged, but he felt bad when he confirmed the procession right before his eyes, you should have disabled him, For example, cutting his tongue or even maiming his two legs, While Ober was absorbed in his brutal imagination, the emperor’s carriage stopped in front of the south gate, “May the infinite glory of Airius, be bestowed upon Your Majesty! We’re honored to see you!”, everybody, but he was not that much different, which was much more composed than he thought, “I’m honored to see Lady Marianne, Countess Leslie, the deputy chamberlain of the Imperial Family, greeted her politely, It was Marianne who followed Eckart, Instead, holding the hem of her blue dress, “Lady Marianne, ”, “Oh, ”, Marianne turned back to Eckart, Although they didn’t have any conversation, he nodded happily, Marianne immediately held the hem of her dress and walked quickly, she soon arrived at her destination, wrapping her in his arms, He carefully wrapped her as if she were a sand sculpture, “I’m sorry, I should have followed you, I really thought it fortunate that you were left behind in the capital, I’m so glad you’re safe here, ”, Marian smiled brightly with tears welled in her eyes, Chapter 1130: Older Brother Is Still Quite Nervous, Chapter 727, Chapter 9749, Chapter 189: Treat Me Like Im Your Brother, Chapter 134 - 102 Part 1, ...

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