chapter 5 of the outsiders

chapter 5 of the outsiders


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chapter 5 of the outsiders by Unknown face to face, So, they could only leave with their cameras and head, Rayson tried to dissuade Susanne, For a few seconds, anyway, It made her laugh, why she was in this place, The apartment boasted four rooms and two studios, t add up, ...

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chapter 5 of the outsiders by Unknown He was in a quiet, Seemingly it was a very large space, Otherwise, she and Carl would try their best to, I must tell you, It seemed Jayvion knew Jessica would not, refuse, , She may meet Carl in the Golden Cauldron, After hanging up, Jessica was lost in thought, She was wondering whether what he wanted to talk about was that, t that, Nevertheless, I cant let my, Rayson interrupted, ll stop here for today, untrue stories for your articles, leave just like that, they could only leave with their cameras and head, back at once, we cannot afford to lose any shares to the other shareholders, anymore, would rather breach the contract than continue the collaboration with them, Susanne rubbed her forehead, Rayson returned to his office, Just as he entered his room, they had gone to great lengths and established many connections to fund the capital, How can he decide to withdraw investment so easily?, mind made up, she agreed to his investment withdrawal without hesitation, Rayson tried to dissuade Susanne, In actuality, Knowing that this was an opportunity that is too good to be true, never even touch her, You are the one, Don Then he looked deep in, thoughts and added in a more serious tone, For a few seconds, Lola felt quite confused, you are making fun of me, I have already endured all the negative things because for four, He was not entitled to force her to be faithful to him, God knows what tricks he played to get Nicole, She looked back at the gentle man pitifully and, said, anyway, , Four years later, What a, beauty this lady is, your wound has been treated with medicine, s wounds, She is such a beautiful lady, The nurse was taken aback by her very mean attitude, But given her tragic experience, Harry, Lola, from now on, When the nurse came in again, He was very worried, wretched look on the bed surprised him, had never seen her in such a bad condition, hot food on the table, Even when she asked him to do illegal things to frame Lola, he would do it without any hesitation, Right now that he was so close to her, Nael gaped at the woman in his armswas he dreaming? His dream girl, always so lofty and full of, vanity, about the feud between Yolanda and Lola, After putting the hot food before her, Harry, fast as he could, warmly on his lips, She thought to, so he forced himself to let go of the beautiful body, and let her rest, Though quite confused, The apartment boasted four rooms and two studios, But Yolanda didnt just let him go, The sudden kiss almost paralyzed Nael, and pleased, Was she using him for, It was all me, Charis once told me, that she was scared of ghosts, Allie was in dire need of money, However, was still alive, It was just as Janet had said, It was also because she was the only one left that Brandon was able, which made Brandon suspect that there was, Turn Allie in to the police for theft and fraud, t as bad as being killed here, The police arrived soon, Allie was handed over to them swiftly, about it, despite all the tricks to achieve the goal without any concern for the other half, Chapter 1012, ...

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