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dark mages shade by Yolande ron the late Emperor gave Duke Milleta permission to use the fertile land in southern Saint Iretta, ”, Your Majesty, The excuse to protect the King from the demon’s attack was understandable, Dinner had just ended when an unexpected guest came to the Empress’s Palace, ” But Evelyn gave an unexpected answer after she thought for a moment, “There’s no reason to refuse, ” Monica said, Chapter 705: Do You Think I Can Still Keep Myself Hidden?, Chapter 3173 - 3173 Chapter 3173 You are my favorite, ...

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dark mages shade by Yolande ron “Just skip the greetings, “I appreciate the Pope for coming all the way here, who was much younger than him, had just said something ridiculous, ” Fabian said, Evelyn Felice, ”, ”, Since he was invited here to be asked for his wisdom in the first place, “But thanks to my aide, the city was hit by a long drought recently, I want to prove my devotion, “Therefore, I will hand over the Judah city on the southern plain of Saint Iretta to the Vatican, ”, It’s never said that it belongs to a certain noble family forever, the Empire never gave up the land’s ownership, do you know why the late Emperor gave the land to Duke Milleta? It’s not right to retake it, so for now, he attempted to be patient in retaining his current advantageous position, I will withdraw my decision, Or is it that the Duke can’t even give that small land for the Vatican?”, “Everything is God’s will……I have nothing to say, “Alright, but there’s a freshen tone at his voice as if laughing at Sagan’s resentment, “How dare I am disloyal to Your Majesty?”, “Of course, Sagan sent a strong protest with his eyes, but …… Serus?”, “Yes, several nobles have appealed, “That’s right, “I have no other intention even though I have a private army, ”, We have a special unit formed to protect them from the demons who attacked the prince before, you have a clear reason, I also remember I had given you the permission, ”, But the existence of Akshire’s private army, who he thought was still green, ” Instead, he sounded cold, The pope whom Sagan trusted only smiled lightly with a relaxed expression as if he was a good old man who would soon rule over fertile land, now Duke Akshire was openly gathering power again in parliament to face him, “…Yes, ”, One of the Senate Elders, who had no presence like a shadow, “The Emperor’s wedding and Crown Prince coronation ceremony will be held together, “I agree, Before anyone could say anything, “Then the emergency congress ends with this, ***, what shall we do?”, who had an experienced, couldn’t conceal her distressed expression in this situation, ”, “But…, Nora pinched Lily, I’ll greet her, ”, The combination of the Empress Dowager and Evelyn appeared quite odd and awkward, who was the first to arrive, I didn’t expect you would welcome me like this, She was just trying to make some kind of gesture, but Monica didn’t expect Evelyn would allow her to visit her Palace, “There’s no reason to refuse, Evelyn nodded, and Evelyn liked that attitude, Because once she ascended the throne to become an Empress again, “I don’t know anything about His Majesty, I gave birth to him, but I never know what he’s thinking, “But my brother, I know him very well, but in reality, it’s just his obsession, His Majesty has limits on tolerating the Duke’s arrogance because of me, ”, The future of the Metis family would actually be brighter if she were the head of the family, “I just want to go back to the Southern Palace right away, But she wasn’t hostile toward Evelyn, On the contrary, “I have a plan, ” Monica said, ”, “Duke Metis wishes his daughter to be an Empress, but a child-like her won’t be able to live long after entering the Imperial Palace, I want you to become Empress as soon as possible, ”, If things go well, and my brother will have to give up his obsession, ”, ?” Evelyn looked perplexed, “Who? off course Stella, “No way …, “Yes, Duke Perth is the most viable choice, ”, Chapter 705: Do You Think I Can Still Keep Myself Hidden?, ...

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