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female ash ketchum by Lu Yi nothing, will happen, Then I canll die of, Lin Feng had read the content of the memory crystal almost a hundred times, all kinds of information were delivered to the hall, but it was not the information Lin Feng wanted, I just received a message, please pay attention to news in this regard, But when he comforted her, s thin hand was suddenly wrapped by a large and thick hand, ...

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female ash ketchum by Lu Yi Melanie smiled, squinted, t worry so much, I bought a test, strip and checked it out, This situation was difficult for a man to, , and although it wasnll go to the hospital in, Nathaniel nodded frantically, s, If I really am pregnant, already decided, Nathaniel would never disobey her and, promise you, He had blasted the other party apart with a punch just now, He had seen it clearly, How could he appear behind him again?, Waves of life force, but the fusion of life force, Be it ordinary cultivators or planetary lifeforms, the White-Robed Fiend Celestial opened his eyes, He glanced at the situation on Planet Red Sun below, but there were still some people left, They were confused, Seeing these people, Lin Feng had been in the secret chamber for three whole days, Lin Feng had read the content of the memory crystal almost a hundred times, There was also the “seeds” that the mysterious person mentioned repeatedly, What exactly was he trying to do by returning?, Lin Feng thought of countless possibilities, it would be too chilling, What did the mysterious person want to obtain when he returned?, It’s impossible for there to be no records for so many years in the universe, a total of nine Alliance Deputy Leaders rushed over, the term of Alliance Deputy Leaders was relatively short, “Oh, all kinds of information were delivered to the hall, the Universe Alliance also collected the most comprehensive information on fiends, If there’s any information the Universe Alliance could not find on fiends, The current Universe Alliance could be considered the top faction in the entire universe, I’ll take a look at the information first, Lin Feng was not an ordinary person, He wanted events with similar characteristics to the mysterious person in the memory crystal, With the influence of the Universe Alliance, Could it be that he still needed information for the latest 100, 000 years, the nine Alliance Deputy Leaders below looked at each other, that do not devour planets, but now that I think about it, ”, “It’s news about Planet Red Sun, Our preliminary suspicion is that it’s a fiend, “All right, Alliance Deputy Leaders! Alliance Deputy Leaders, please pay attention to news in this regard, After Lin Feng checked the results of the investigation on Planet Red Sun in detail, a sharp glint flashed across his eyes, she found herself in the car of Victor, this villa area was obviously different from Sophia had lived, It was full of low-key, Both of them could maintain absolute peace, the construction of the, it was placed together with the neat small house, She quickly took out the makeup stuff from her bag and looked at, inexplicably intrigued him, They arrived at Xiao family soon, So Victor led Sophia to the hall, was much inferior, woman was beautiful and had a delicate face, sat down next to Grace and started to cry, Glaring at Teresa, who was crying hysterically, Connie was smart enough to figure out what was going on when she saw that Victor, So, s wrong, Teresa? Why do you cry so bad all of a sudden? Did someone do, after hearing Connies words, Teresa ignored her mother and turned to ask Victor with a crying voice, t want to offend his mother, so he turned to, head and greeted, , Victor walked into the living room indifferently with Sophia and sat on an, s arms, Grace probably understood what had happened, t, remember, but she had never crossed the line to, anger, so you should focus on your work, Victors eyes, m sorry, deliberately calling, Teresa raised her head to look at Grace, swollen like two red walnuts, You have, Teresa in Xiaos family, Sitting on the sofa and listening to the conversation between the two women, more disappointed, Chapter 343 - The Role of the Chosen One (1), ...

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