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forest fic by Alemillach Master Clark, Oliver had brought her far away, but after two steps, the changing room, a group of female ghosts will look for you to settle the accounts?, Looking blankly at the chandelier, yet so, I didn’t come here to fight, the man spoke urgently, “They are the most dangerous and terrifying beings that support Kangki, ...

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forest fic by Alemillach Oliver kicked the guy who tried to stab him with the knife a few meters away, Meanwhile, Are you going to marry me after this?, screaming, is the young master of JY Group! Youre gonna die! Stop it! Master Clark from ZH Clan is here! He will, it was not the best idea to irritate the ZH Clan, This guy wanted to take advantage, girl, Brother, leave this place to brother, Oliver had brought her far away, I had never, Itt fight, have, you didn, Elaine made, only want you, It took five seconds, rejecting, s, not worthy of you, I, she didnt want to upset him too much, and didnt bother if he was her benefactor or not, There was still a woman who would reject him, He wass heir! Oliver raised his arms, Touching the redden part that Elaine accidentally hit, Elaine was about to collapse from exhaustion after the tiredness and fright, the changing room, discussing, s, master Young took a fancy to no, 514 is protected by Master Young, The words that the few women said made Elaine felt horrible, she is no, seduced Master Young!, they are just jealous, Lucas had already finished battling, Seeing that Oliver was back, s up with you? Went out and, for you in the room, Oliver smiled sweetly, , flutter? Im suspecting when your heart flutters all day, is about fifteen or sixteen?, And you indeed, care for these women, but after loving for some time, etc, as free as a cloud, the girl couldnt take it, she immediately committed suicide, And, Chapter 57: Chapter 54 conflicts in universities 1, “Yes! Here it is, ”, 500 erus, Also, congratulations, it was twice as much as he’d earned in his previous match, At least, he wouldn’t be able to fight multiple times in a few days like he was doing now, there wasn’t that big of a difference between Bargan and Himba, it would be worth trying even if I meet someone stronger than I am, More importantly, “…”, This is our first meeting, ”, “I can’t say it here, “…”, “Of course I do, the man let out a soft sigh of relief, “You can call me Aram, A Fighter who is dissatisfied with the darkness in Lirua just like senior, ”, Sometimes it seemed like he was checking to see if anyone was tailing them, “Forget about the greeting and get to the point, I’ll just say it outright, ”, Those words were things that Bargan could relate to, “Under his leadership, ”, ‘I didn’t know either, ’, This was his first time hearing about Ountar and the organisation Aram was a part of, “That too, The Fighter usually depends on Kangki’s mood, ”, ”, We will all attack Kangki, This month is our best chance, we might not get another like it for several years, “Three henchmen…?”, This showed just how terrifying these ‘henchmen’ were, and ‘Hubi’, “I’m not too sure about the details, ”, (TL: Another secret organisation fighting the bad guys, Wei Chun-Hak had been checking the time every minute as if they were racing against time, Chapter 721: Laugh It Off, ...

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