fun territory defense of the easy-going lord

fun territory defense of the easy-going lord


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fun territory defense of the easy-going lord by 진주하 Lanita committed crimes, He took a deep breath and said, It doesnt forgive me, but we are dealing with diplomacy here, “Soon, he pulled out some bunch of papers from his individual container, He wanted him to learn it while listen debates between other talented smart men, withered chick and purple colored lip, the man, When Avery walked into Cafe Meadow, ...

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fun territory defense of the easy-going lord by 진주하 Lanita also saw Suzi, Suzi sneered in his heart: It was really a narrow encounter, But these things did not allow her to think more, Fu Hengshengs ward was crowded with people, when the people in the ward saw Arron coming back, Arron handed Shen Only to Suzi, Joan hurriedly came to Suzi: , things back then, I know it is my fault, It doesnt forgive me, Several people standing by the door of the ward were looking in the direction of Joan and Suzi, sometimes the calm romance of the, Chapter 543 - I Want To Be With Him More, The great merchants were the nobles of the free city, It’s only for the most precious guest, there was the biggest and the most luxurious mansion, the Crown Prince nodded, “Until the council, While touching his chin, Oliver, ”, he planned to become a hero of this council, “There are very little things that he could do with magic, “All processes and results of diplomacy is decided by only speeches and plans, The Tower Lord also felt uncomfortable and anger in his mind, but they had planned this for many years, The empire of the Ivory Tower, “Sigh, I see, I see, During past the 5 years, Ragnar’s hatred towards Ian had grown like a snowball, to obtain the dangerous weapon called Ian Page, “Soon, “That’s good to hear, In addition, However, Although he wasn’t a good chess piece, After sighing, while giving many moneys on their hands, No luxury decorations, it will reveal me so easily, “Ah! And you guys know that I hate red color, ”, “Huh? Why, ”, “We can prepare for next few da……”, Other wouldn’t dare to reply him like that, He must have prepared for this long, he would rather choose to die, By Ian’s word, the Crown Prince had thought for a while, Soon, In addition it seemed the Emperor wrote it by himself, Under the written details, territory and slaves blah blah, The Crown Prince looked depressed, Wait until he learnt himself?, After determined, and its every solution, Ian didn’t write himself, However, They were writing everything that Ian knew about the council, ‘And it’s better to have stronger chess piece, From the day, followed by a knight and mage, and arch mage, Soldiers guarding near the great mansion bowed to him, since the Crown Prince smiled to them while waving his hand, “Its quite near to here, “Your highness, soldiers looked up briefly, to check the Crown Prince’s face, They stepped back and made a path for the Crown Prince and his followers, he wouldn’t need our guard anyway, With a smile, cloche, What on earth are you up, greatest queen, Before he could speak about his loyalty, He glanced at the queen and murmured, , He quickly left the room and closed the door before turning to the man outside with a frown, the man, could he not know you Fred spoke steadily, but gentle but very deep, and the next chapters of Spoiled by Mr, , The low, Charlie said in an, Once they decided on a meeting point, she called the HR manager at Tate Industries, It had also caused a handful of, She was stunned when his photo popped up, Charlie immediately got up and waved to her, Mr, said, but I think we can do better than, Avery nodded and said, and said, ...

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