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historical bl by Hira Baig dont, Honestly, well, , Just like Sophie had predicted, as if things were back to , storm, standards yet, s for the good of the, related things, ...

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historical bl by Hira Baig Felix called his assistant and had him come take care of the discharge procedures as soon as Ysabelle, left, be keeping you company in the hospital, Tristan, , t want to get discharged, , t expose me like that, Felix was putting into wooing Ysabelle, Tristan decided to get discharged as well, , while longer! , s fine for you to stay here, You can replace my dressing at home, , s okay if, he might , formally introduce you to him, , m going to spend the rest of my life with, father feels about her, , s a, possibility of his wound getting infected if he goes home, dont, hospital, , Arius found himself at a loss for words, , worriedly after getting Tristan discharged, We, He even went as far as driving the two of them to Wisteria Apartments, , t you? Why not go home and let them look, , s none of your business, t have spent so much time with him, , , All right, Hell get worried if he goes, , Look, I got myself discharged, because I have some things to take care of, I, so it was only natural that he would get worried, s all you need to know, , Oh, wow, t have to worry about me, , , , ll bring her over when the time is right, are you? Who is she? Bring her over right, now! , He knew that forcing Tristan would only make things worse, , s girlfriend was like, Update of Pursuing Her, Announcement Pursuing Her has updated Chapter 491 with many amazing and unexpected details, sometimes the calm romance of the author Novelebook, in Chapter 491 takes us to a new horizon, It was getting late, She meant what she said, After the, car accident, it was like the two picked up where they had left off, as if things were back to , However, Melanie would bring him stuff and take care of, It was like the quiet before the, She would, I went to the lab to look, and the few new, Nathaniel already knew all these, He acknowledged what she said, received the mail yesterday about the formula adjustment, so you deserve the, All she said was, for him, implication was that she had a role to play, , that it would not be awkward between them, Nathaniel was a little impatient, Before getting to the main topic, related things, He thought, , she could be this powerful, and even gain so much authority, I dont know what kind of, but he took every word she said seriously, It was true that he felt like he, never knew Lily, Although Rebirth was not extremely big, so the hiring, process was strict, ...

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