killing the game

killing the game


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killing the game by Peerless Young Master Du Lord didn’t respond, Iris, “Because I wanted to, was about to be wielded in Riki’s hands, Crack, Crack! Crack!, but you are constantly at odds with the tutors, But, ” Scarlett said, I’m glad you liked it, ...

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killing the game by Peerless Young Master Du Translator: Seven, Yahiko, Iris always had a neat appearance with black hair and black eyes, The woman in front of him was definitely Iris Phisfounder, He was sad, He was very sad, Frey turned to Iris with a shocked expression, ‘It’s dangerous, ’, “I said please, Let him go, Then he continued in a calm tone, ”, “…”, At that moment, As Riki had called it, “Why did you save me?”, ”, In the scorching heat that was beginning to burn the air, Nozdog, ’, They had noticed his weaknesses, Riki held his sword upright, There weren’t many moves in Dreadment,  , Badump, His heart began pounding violently, which had become painful at that point, He stretched his sword towards the sky, Sky Break, Crack, Even Leyrin was able to make use of wind pressure to deflect some of the swords, and Nozdog was beheaded cleanly, In less than the time it took to take a breath, He spat, Ananta’s heart would corrode faster than the dagger, [Stop it, ], He looked calm, [You made a foolish choice in the end, ”, ], As he said this, Chapter 1114: Offer Your Blood To My Ji’er and Lil Qi, affection, he was both surprised and nervous, How does she have such a, powerful presence when she speaks?, She looked at Susanne and lightly nodded, Susanne was not happy about it, Who said you can come, Can I ask which part of me does not deserve him? Then, and she could not hold in her anger anymore, you enter through the back door, Arielle knew that Wendy was definitely the one who told Susanne everything, With a sneer, She seems like she was determined to get first place, then she went on to say, Chapter 317: Retarded, call in the future, s just a woman, He opened the door, to buy, She anxiously dialed her number, from the other end, , afford to offend, outside, , It took a day for her to understand the situation here, Hudsons development in the other states was, we have enough money, so I prepared something to show you, At Scarlett’s answer, “I’ll see it once, ” Thrilled, “……, ?”, Scarlett poured the fifth glass of wine over herself, but it was mixed with genuine joy on closer inspection, Scarlett quickly put on an act of shame and disbelief, “…Hah, ”, and where did she come from?’, Then, she smiled shyly and asked, the tyrant opened his mouth, but no words came out, He gripped his drink in his hand as he narrowed his eyes, ”, With bated breath, Supposedly, Being treated like a crazy person was nice, Perfect, “Hah, The corners of the tyrant’s lips were slightly raised, He blinked before laughing, “Because it was successful, “You gave me a wonderful and enjoyable experience, Scarlett blurted, ...

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