la vueltas de la vida

la vueltas de la vida


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la vueltas de la vida by Unknown Chapter 1909: Ill-Suited For The Kitchen, Chapter 7878, she said, d been the nicest man, he asked, away from the crowd, she asked, so long to delegate this on-site responsibility to you, theyd paint a target on their back by, showing up as bears, ...

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la vueltas de la vida by Unknown Chapter 104: Flattery, Chapter 1909: Ill-Suited For The Kitchen, Chapter 320: Spirit Beasts Besieged Long Ao Kingdom II, Chapter 7878, Chapter 52: Ye Erruo Launches A Game Of Seduction In The Middle Of The Night, Chapter 2065: The Wolf King 60, Laurel surveyed the assembled mess of rescue vehicles and police cars that lined the roads edge, She, chewed on her thumbnail, searching until she finally caught sight of the truck pulling in at the end of the, row of cars, It was white, making it easier to spot the DOT logo on the side, She rushed for the car just as a man got out and came forward, she said, d been the nicest man, shed worked for and the friendliest, still careful to keep a professional distance but willing to relax, To, talk and joke with her, He was the only boss shed ever had that let her forget she was a woman in a, mans workplace, For that, she was grateful and held a soft spot for him, He frowned when she got closer and cast a glance at the work crews assembled, , he asked, , Laurel shook her head, t know, Blue Bear Search and Rescue went in about twenty minutes ago, No word yet on whether they, Gerald took a deep breath, Report said it was poachers, This party was a group of four, Someone, heard shots fired, What the hell happened?, Laurels stomach tightened for the hundredth time at the mere mention of gunshots, but she nodded, and kept her game face on, If Gerald only knew she was more worried about the Search and Rescue, crew, specifically their alpha, than about the poachers whod put in the emergency call, she said, he grumbled, She ignored it, knowing he was upset at the situation, not, her, re supposed to be on vacation, I told Scott not to worry you, You should get some rest, Enjoy your last night off the clock, Gerald pinned her with a look and unease skittered along the back of Laurels neck, Gerald began, He took her elbow and led her, toward his truck, away from the crowd, He lowered his voice and Laurels nerves came rushing back, with full force, she asked, he said in a low voice, s, way with their tactics, s ludicrous, These accusations have no basis in reality, Ive spent time with them, They care deeply about the rescues they make, s animal, and she managed to get, herself under control, She hoped her eyes had returned to normal when she faced Gerald again, s a friend of mine, I knew his dad before him, But these accusations are being filed through formal channels, I canve waited, so long to delegate this on-site responsibility to you, Its also why I showed up tonight, To see for myself, so there can be no question this was being handled properly, As soon as they radio in the details of, their proposed extraction, I have to log it, Laurel bit her lip, staring off into the trees where the crew had gone, When theyd arrived earlier and, found out about the poaching and the reported gunshots, shed made them all promise not to shift until, theyd paint a target on their back by, showing up as bears, But theyd been gone so long, Her, animal was literally hurting at having to stay behind and let him go out there alone, Chapter 798: On purpose, Chapter 608 - A Song Of Heaven , Chapter 587: The Old Man Isnt Here!, Chapter 324: Nangong Yingying, Chapter 219: Two Elementary Scholar Brothers 2, ...

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