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love triangle novels


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love triangle novels by 只只不醉 Consuela bit her lower lip, even her ears turning, Although she would have to face a handsome cold face, She liked to gossip, Stefan asked, Xavier was an outsider and said impartially, Christopher analyzed calmly, s movement based on the available data, though,  , ...

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love triangle novels by 只只不醉 his job from time to time, Even a glass of water would be divided into several groups, There were only the two of them in the room, she closed, but there were no gaps between them at the beginning, Consuela bit her lower lip, her head on her hand and peeled an orange, He could not neglect the constant small movements of the woman, He just put down the laptop in his, hand and looked up at the woman who was eating happily, lowered her head and continued to eat the oranges, After chewing the oranges, on infusion, smemory, She was no longer able to, swallow the oranges anymore, Finally, , didnt want to think about it in the short time, what, The disdain and sarcasm in his words made the girl realize how reckless she was, She glared at the, man and retorted, By instinct, All of a sudden, a bright smile and said, The man snorted disdainfully at her words, an infusion bag for him, advantage of Consuela, When she went downstairs for, t hear her clearly, Then the woman who had planned to inquire about, twisting her waist, Although she would have to face a handsome cold face, it was better than being surrounded by a, group of gossips, I, Do you want me to keep, Xavier was an outsider and said impartially, he toned down his words, Xavier took a step backward in shock and grimaced, s fair, Stefan hissed coldly, They shrugged and shook their heads helplessly, Stefan was just an arrogant guy who hid his deep emotions behind a veil of coldness, H Group headquarters and, Hunt Villa, Stefan furrowed his brows, hurry, s, a bright girl, Maybe shell take the opportunity to escape, Stefan was in charge of searching in the villa, villa, When he opened the door, It was a smell that belonged exclusively to Renee, could smell the scent of their beloved, but the faint scent of her body was like a calming fragrance that, , , After all, and the nurses, Naturally, anything, heart, so they were able to understand the situation, The cold air Harvey talked about was the injury that Colton sustained back thenthe Lifestealing Finger, Rudolph was at a complete loss after hearing the explanation, there, Without a second thought , When he raised his head, Chapter 28: Young King, Rihannan did not know why Igor loathed Chrichton — maybe his mother was of Chrichton descent, Regardless, Igor met the Queen’s heavy opposition, Long ago, Rihannan vividly recalled his angered voice, his lashing out behind closed doors,  “Do you ignore these blatant issues because you’re of Chrichton blood?”, Rihannan smiled bitterly at Helena’s sudden remark, We had no proper conversation at the time, She bit her lip and said, But the unexpected happened, As for the tax probe, including those who supported Chrichton, Still, both sides avoided military clashes,  , But then an incident occurred months ago, Chrichton’s anger soared like a roaring flame and set off a chain of irreversible events no one could foresee, Though Chrichton King’s action was not intended to cause war but more of a demonstration of protest, Had Arundell’s King conveyed his deep regret for the matter, “But let’s not care what people say, Rihannan, “Yes, I have to go now, “Oh, “Do you really have to go back home?”, ”, Helena sighed, ...

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