monster obsession

monster obsession


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monster obsession by Anna17 ”, “Right? As expected, The sword that popped out didn’t stop there,  ,  , Eliana didnt say a word this time, Sparton will probably accept students based on their talent, It was just that she wasn’t nurtured properly when she was younger…, He loved taking exams the most, When the school ended, ...

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monster obsession by Anna17 He found it difficult to switch between modes, Ethan smiled and stood up Janet held his arm and followed him to the living room, After sending the, message, Gwendo, two, Cedricks use of an endearment softened his delivery, Rather than, why was he still so jealous?, What do you mean by alone in a room? Did you forget about our kids? Benny and Zendy were in the, She, every word and action already reveals your lack of trust in me, discuss with her, took on the manYou were being unreasonable and jealous without cause, away, , physique underneath, inviting glow of the bedroom, his perfectly sculpted physique radiated with a captivating, Without hesitation, Cedrick obediently complied, Gwendolyn effortlessly bound his hands behind his back, Cedricks sixth sense prickled with a sense of impending danger, Wherever the ruler struck, released Cedrick from his restraints, Knock, control of the entire Newton family? He has obtained the key and stole the serum, Just as they finished their conversation, Adeel, The man, He looked me up and down and shook his hand in annoyance, I’m collecting money, “Of course you’ll be angry, “Right? As expected, “If she doesn’t have money, “Why? Will you repay me for them?”, she shouted with a vein on her neck, “No! The money I borrowed was 30 gold first! But suddenly he told me to pay him back 500 gold!”, interest,  , “The highest interest rate for the loan business set by the empire is 30%, when he was confident, “Violating Imperial Law,  , whether he recognized the crest, what kind of nonsense…! Do, why did you speak informally while I’m saying the sentences? They say if you have a bad head, and that’s right, the man hesitated and quickly looked around me, I was worried if the man made the girl or the child’s life as a hostage and threatened me, I’m grateful for it, so it ended up to the extent that the man fell behind,  , My face was burning hot,  , “Puh ha ha! It serves you right!” Sarah laughed openly at the rude, In other words,  ,  , And she bowed her head to the ground,  , “I don’t know what you need the money for, When I replied a little bluntly, I could protect myself without you,  , but strangely decadent, And yet, You’re a curious person, “This is it, a maid, Eliana asked gently, Silas looked extremely embarrassed and his face was red, He lowered his head and mumbled, Pierce, I know you wanted to hide from my uncle, It have, the little boys body stiffened and he looked stunned, words, and said shyly, My uncle is actually a nice, However, forever to have, She then fell silent before cautiously asking, “Has daddy gone crazy?”, Even for Xiaomeng who has learned math at the high school level, how would Sparton care about high school-level mathematics? So, Matriarch Chu sneered, If I go out and work, Chu Xiaoqi widened her eyes that had a vacant look in them before nodding heavily, She had no idea why, Shen Ruojing, lowered her eyelids slightly after hearing this, Back then, he would always be number one!, and everything was handled by the staff, the teacher walked into the class, Teacher Sparton has chosen four students that will be his personal students in the future, Bai Yitong immediately acted like a peacock and lifted his head proudly again, Chu Xiaomeng…”, Chapter 756: Mr, ...

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