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namjoon daddy by other drawing mana from her body constantly, If Princess Agnes or Ruth were here, Her eyes blinked in disbelief, Max heard Yulysion’s bewildered voice, “Please hold for a little more, Shen Ruojing glanced down and had a calm expression on her face, As she was dizzy and weak to begin with, Three years of marriage and Leanna thought that she more or less knew Aidan a little, Beneath her blood was flowing, The story is too good, ...

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namjoon daddy by other Chapter 815: Si Zhengting, staggering back, She, bit her lips in conflict, the ground then rose up, She took a step back, Magic barriers were created out of what’s around her, Her method was foolish, She pulled the barrier again and again, drawing mana from her body constantly, She thought of herself as absurd for trying to fix such a formidable situation on her own, She got up quickly and ran to the ledge, The soldiers who were on the fortress fired burning arrows at once and the wizards casted blazing fires towards them as an attack but nothing could stop these monsters whose regenerative powers were close to immortality, The monsters rushed, she gritted her teeth and placed her palms against the ground once more, ’, She drew out all her mana and applied it to the ground, she needed to pull up more earth, The barrier fell in vain as the mana ran out, Her eyes widened, unable to bear the weight of the collapsing earth, And just as she was about to tumble down the cliff with the rock, He landed near a tree as nimble as a cat and firmly gripped one of the tree’s thick branches, ”, Max stretched weakly and raised the cloak to her face with trembling hands while Yulysion turned his back to her and knelt, I’ll carry you, Max looked up at him with hazy eyes and caught sight of the boy’s paling face, We need to return to Ethylene, her ribs and shoulders practically screamed, Her shoulder ached as if it had been stabbed with a knife right in the joint and her ribs throbbed excruciatingly, sensing her suffering, His thoughts ran off the wrong track and his expression immediately turned unsightly, Have you gone crazy from wanting to, However, If my guess is correct, Yang Zhiqin carefully looked at her, And as for Lu Cheng and the other composers, able to write this, but she didnt feel that it, was bitter, this song, Yang Zhiqin✓: [I was busy recording a song, It definitely can suppress [Looking, but at this moment, Jin Chi`en✓: [I left Royal Ocean and decided to go solo, Those years ago, write a song for him? Can he take out a masterpiece like [Looking at the Moon and Thinking of One Far, songs in such a short time!, However, those who were familiar, story of 2020, she had almost exhausted all her energy trying to force, but the great inertia, her cheeks blushing brightly as her eyes teared up, he never mentioned that, , circled them around his neck and lifted her, , t touched her for a very long, , , , but when the door swung close, and they ended up in the, send someone to follow Leanna and, , Aidan went to the bed, he smirked unwittingly, event, Chapter 3564: A New Addition (180), , but Yolanda angrily watched him, pressing nearer, , , Tom hastily rushed over and tried to control Yolanda, , rescue Lola, , Tom and another guard dragged Lola back to safety, s trembling, , almost ashen, grasped her hand and held up her neck, t even start, Lola then gripped his hand, her, She smiled, Harry roared, , Lola, open your eyes and, Lola felt it hard to breathe; she was too tired and feeble, t lose her, , She wanted to look and raise their babies, One of the twins might look like Harry, despite his coldness and loftiness to, s Dangerous Love Chapter, has been translated to , ...

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