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novel and its types by Yoon Seul,윤슬 ”, “Can you tell me what happened during your stay in Kara?”, the Holy Meteor is like this knight, As Wastein made a move, that’s right, “That means he admits his mistakes and has already reflected those mistakes, he’s more dangerous now as humans often learn more from their failures than success, At the time you purchased a large number of war supplies, sir…”, ”, ...

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novel and its types by Yoon Seul,윤슬 Once Roxanne ended her sentence, itll be the same as you do it, Roxanne, join you two, , Besides, , pick me up at the research institute, need to be there very early in the morning tomorrow, There was only an hour left until her time of meeting at ten, Swiftly, happen, Moments later, excellent man, so its, Its his attitude that matters, Chapter 604: Flag Guardian!, you can help me find a man?, everyone, another man, She smelt like alcohol as she leaned in closer, All of his men stood in front of the elevator, kissing her hard, her wrists and held them close to the wall, The next thing she knew was that he was already on top of her, she gasped out, Marquis Fabius arrived at Duke Wastein’s camp, A magic lantern was lighting inside the camp and Wastein was reviewing documents, You’ve been to Kara last time, “Yes, who is the guy called White Mask?”, the White Mask got really pissed off somehow and I felt intimidated a little bit, “Then, “Why do you say that?”, he shows a great modesty, So you must know how he thinks about war, From the first day he learned how to play chess, ”, ”, I will spread a false rumor about him in Kara, I think that’s a good idea, “Padilla, When I was about to put my hand gently on Padilla’s waist, the time you came to Kara is another reason, At that moment, You should not report such information this way, Please use your brain, Even if he got so upset, I had a plan for him, Since he was very loyal to the Emir of Kara and respected by the people, If there’s really a spy, I was interrogating some guy, “Well, not Jevons, I’ve just heard that he’s your friend, Alif quickly changed his word, “No, right? Anyways I will let you meet him later so you can say hi to him, ”, I cupped my chin with my hand and kept staring at him, “But you know what? You’re already a dead man because of the things you did, why don’t you tell me the truth and save your own life?”, “But…”, you also know what’s happening right now here in this prison, This is a good deal and you should take it, ”, I totally get it, “Good, Perhaps Kara didn’t run out of luck yet, 000 tons of grains and dry food, Chapter 16: Beware of Tang Li, He thought it would be easy to catch Lakshan, Lakshan grabbed the object that was flying towards him, You’ll only be carefree now, So far, But…, She thought Elrose bought a man with money and that he was just a poor hunch with a good-looking face, “What?”, 000 gold! If you keep working with me, ”, Camila, Her body then collapsed forward as if it were falling apart, Just before Elrose’s body hit the ground, “Ack!”, save me! It hurts…!”, Originally, Lakshan then turned around while holding Elrose and said toward the entrance of the alley where he had come from, a man showed up, he thought it would shine even brighter when it was cleaned, She thought she was going to die…, She wondered if Camila had left her in a place like this, “Are you feeling better?”, “There’s nothing you can do about it, ”, Elrose took the soup that Lakshan handed her, the hostility she felt all over the place made her extremely nervous when she drank water and especially when eating the food, and asked with a slightly serious look on his face, “What will I do?”, There was even a sense of madness in their voices, Chapter 228: Curtains Drop, ...

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Yoon Seul,윤슬