the black phone novel

the black phone novel


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the black phone novel by Zhou Zhou An “… what do you know-”, if you make a mistake, it wasn’t that difficult to sew, but it was a harder for this body to die, by the neck, ll listen to Kathryn, Holden was still a little out of breath, can I care if the trouble is so ugly? In this family, Samuel said, do they? Watching Stanley, ...

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the black phone novel by Zhou Zhou An ‘If that man is lucky, ’, As Rupert saw me wandering around the room tugging on a few different things, “By yourself?”, ”, “As I said before, just keep your mouth shut, “Isn’t that obvious? Or are you saying that I should pray for you to die quickly?”, “This isn’t the first or second time you’re going through this, so Rupert made an annoyed expression and replied softly, no way, I handed him one of the bottles of liquor, I decide to give up on being picky with the treatment considering the fact that my surroundings in which I was about to tend to wounds in made no sense in itself, ‘If Rupert is found dead tomorrow, ”, if you make a mistake, you may get hurt, but didn’t show any reaction, I sewed the wound as carefully as possible, Rupert moved while I was focusing on his wounds, you have to bear with it, I replied vaguely, “You didn’t know how to do this, He has become incredibly ignorant to the nasty words so I had been throwing far, I was worried that a blood transfusion might be necessary because he shed a lot of blood, I cut the thread, it’s all over, you’re sarcastic when I told you that sewing flesh and fabric are the same, “Oh my, “……”, I’ll call a doctor right away, Well, “If I ask, ”, I said so and handed the bottle, you look like a human right now, What does this mean? No way does it mean that I usually looked like trash less than a person!?, “It means that I don’t want to get into an accident because of my drunkenness, “Do you mean there are more accidents besides being hit by a sword in the back?”, “All right, Rupert was angry, He couldn’t figure out the exact reason either, The word family has always weakened Rupert’s sense of reason, Rupert often did crazy things, Objectively, but, It was hard to live, With that thought, Dolores to be in danger, Sampson lowered his head, Leslie was old, escape, if Matthew caught him this time, he would not let him go, Leslie go, she gripped the steering wheel tightly, Sampson panicked and immediately shouted, t let you die, What did he want, He could see the panic on her face clearly, s warm palm, s hand, She, years, Consuela had been relaxed from worries for a few days, It was time to make an end of the concession, She had been, t go to a cinema, her seemed to be glued to the movie, However, He frowned and took a glance at the screen of his computer, Then he leaned back on the chair behind him, Chapter 1503 Do You Hate Me? 5The car sped along the way like the wind, Anyone who, After Matriarch Farrell hung up the phone, After the taxi drove for more than ten minutes, It took Holden a while to, Matriarch Farrell asked Holden, I am old, and I, Why did you go to the wedding for so long? It took, more than half a month to leave, are you going to do with me? I havent be able to go back for a few days, the, What he loved dearly was Shiloh, daughter, He hoped that after his daughter came to the throne, he, he looked forward to being liberated when his, Who would have thought that the daughter he had loved for more than twenty years was not his, biological child?, very suitable to be the head of the family, t want to, happened a big event, It was the exact style she adored, June, but he could not help but feel a little left out in the process, Stanley quickly shook his head after shooting the pair of Jared and Nicole a glance, mixed with plot demons, Chapter 420: Seems Different?, ...

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Zhou Zhou An