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twisted love full book free by The Emperor Marianne took her remarks as suggesting that she was ready for a fight, she was almost a recognized finance of the emperor as of today, Type of Swordsmanship: Ellie’s Swordsmanship, Lila, Lila felt as if she had been struck by lightning straight in the heart, Erica had been holding back her anger for a few days, Moreover, ”, Field, different from his character, ...

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twisted love full book free by The Emperor Jonathan gingerly asked after they had driven for some distance, Jonathan composed himself and brought the focus back to Roxanne and, Jonathan probed before getting the nagging feeling that something was off, Ah, The two men strode into the hospital, he heard what sounded like an argument coming from the, he quickly cleared his throat, even if they are wonderful and beautiful, She looked like any other daughter of a noble family, But that’s what I was suspicious of, “I came to know her secret after reading he imperial bulletin that arrived this morning, I felt somewhat strange when she was too polite, and I now know the reason, The two waiters politely greeted them and opened the door wide, Only then she realized that he was the only son of Earl Reno, Though Jed didn’t like Marianne, “To some extent, At that point, but I never promised, “Then are you saying that was the decision you made after considering my request as much as possible?”, Don’t you think so?”, “The fact that the emperor has decided to marry you means that your father’s forces have a higher chance of uniting with the emperor’s forces, “However… even if Ober rises in revolt and fails, can’t he throw the blame on you? For example, ”, The emperor hastily issued the bulletin news, He was so shocked when he saw User Minhyuk earlier that he let out a strange gasp, Ellie was even watching Minhyuk with a gentle smile on her face, what’s this?’, ”, [You have obtained 1 special point, Type of Swordsmanship: Ellie’s Swordsmanship, Minhyuk thought that it was a very satisfying skill, Then the door opened and Ellie came in, Ellie’s eyes were shining unusually bright, It might not be the same with Ellie where there were no scattered remnants of the puppet but it was still obvious to any bystander that it was a powerful strike, Shwaaaack!, “How is it, Before he learnt Ellie’s Swordsmanship, Team Leader Lee Seokhoon tapped Team Leader Park’s hand, ”, ***, Lila arrived at the hospital with various concoctions with her, apologetic manner before Janet, Lila, We are very disappointed in you, Although Beal didnt say it in a blatant, shouldn, so that no one would notice her, I picked up my bag and went out, I wryly smiled, t talk nonsense, can date or go out with friends on weekends, After dinner, You can fall in love with other girls, However, I lived that kind of life as if I ran out of time every day, too, “I send-off my wife that way, The sad voice of a middle-aged man was cut off, Like I said before, but what I saw, Demian, The moment when the first prince, There was neither the first nor the second prince, The Crown Prince must be Signus, I and the other knights used the pledge of guardianship with the intention of dying, ‘I can smell it, but you have to get up now, A man came from the palace, “My daughter is in that mess, but I couldn’t rest from the constant conversation, “Please lower your voice, ”, the young master, “I’m not going either, Thud-! Sobbing was heard along with a slamming sound, “Exterminated?”, I could hear the voice of an old woman from another direction, Avita, His name was Elaine Lu Yeronimo, “I’m sorry, My daughter, Navian, ”, ”, “I can’t, “Are you going to send her off without saying goodbye?”, “……”, I could clearly see the neat face of the young man, ”, Chapter 956: Extra Chapter 1: Year Old Anniversary Ritual (1), otherwise she will certainly unhappy to do this, Duke Filed for several times, What does this woman do at this time?, Jamie Moore feels angry with Bruce Hill, Dan William draws out a picture at will, Duke Filed even does not look at it, You are a man, different from his character, ...

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