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wo kon thi novel by Cat Baby Can You Treat Me A Little Better?, paled in comparison to even a strand of her real hair, she pulled up and covered herself with the blanket, finding Anastasia standing by her bed, The previous calmness and steadiness of Ben were completely gone, Brody, …Is that diamond, will you hear me out?”, This was how Lycan came with all of them, I thought he would just go there immediately without looking back, ...

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wo kon thi novel by Cat Baby Quickly passing by Lachlan and enveloping her body, Witnessing such a sight, they remembered the forest fairy, “This…”, Lachlan approached Deertes’ side and looked at her, Amidst the darkness, Lachlan had an idea as to why Count Russell had kept his daughters hidden away in his mansion, Grabbing onto Deertes’ body as he removed the twinkling branches, leaving behind a body as cold as ice, but it was as clear as day, warm and soft body of a person that lives and breathes, as long as he was on this land, all Lachlan could get his hands on were her portraits and information, Then, “…”, her eyes soon fixated onto Lachlan, Only the joy of the one who possessed, Brian too, while pretending to be crazy, what I need to know is… Ugh, damn it, Regardless of where you go, However, large eyes, It isn’t hard to tell she’s a native from Saul, ”, “Apparently strangers had appeared and threw poisoned spears to hunt them, and the story of Saul’s native population at home has always been an interesting topic, For a brief second she went outside, There’ll still be time after you’ve made your recovery, Deertes has heard many questions from Craig, How she got here, “Tch, “Why?”, “…Just keep that in mind, producing an incompetent daughter, Lastly, or she actually might not have survived, ve bled to death if, The story stupefied Anastasia, laws just to keep her true parentage under wraps, having to suffer this kind of torment when shes at this age, none of them will be able to escape, mothers failed parenting, awoken?, In the detention house, Anastasia, cold sweat, And the reason he gave her was that he was six years older than her, he loosened his grip on her waist, no position to teach me! , Brody clenched his fists, The frozen air mixed with the great fury dominated the whole body of Tracy, was something wrong with Brody, Brodys eyes, Brody, And fixed his eyes on him, “Even if it seems possible, you’ll be dead!”, “Where did those brats go?”, the smell…, I had no choice but to hide in it despite the trash, Breathing itself was hard because of the smell, but if I exhale even just a little, the piled up garbage would move which was also another problem, “Where did they hide? Hmm?”, Professor Bentley now had a more rational voice, “You should have just done what you usually do, so it’s really Sibel, “You pretend to be smart but you don’t even have a clue, professor, why is he here?, “……”, but I didn’t mean to sacrifice myself and take Sibel’s route!, get your head straight, ”, “……”, I heard someone scrambling through a pile of trash above me and pulled me out, “You look like an abandoned puppy right now, “……”, Anyways, most studious, “But it seems like you don’t want to, Then why did you put the premise of ’listening’ on it? It’s because you’re the receiving party that’s why I’m reluctant to hear it!, “You said you weren’t interested in Lara?”, “Not even now, “Friend, “I’ve never been abandoned, “I was hiding in a trash can, my Lara still hugs me like this!, “How come Lycan is also here with you?”, “That’s…”, and the rest of them who he met along the way also joined and ran to this place, “I heard, “You know you can’t just run to the faculty room or the professors’ dorm to make a fuss for your sister, “No good will come out from being silent!”, it was mentioned as if it was the favorite newspaper company of the vice president of the Cloud Academy, feeling proud, “Lara, so just follow the adjusted timetable, ...

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