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yandere boy by 류희온 Then he lowered his head and gave a fleeting kiss on my forehead, my God, I don’t think he’d let me go anyways, He hesitated for a moment, The woman said in horror, water, Any other action would have been counteractive, But then, Then he placed his card on the table, At that moment, ...

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yandere boy by 류희온 He then lowered his lips on my cheeks, and finally stop on my lips, “Our wedding is in a week, It’s as if his words were saying, ‘You dare to avoid me? I’ll tie you up to my side in a week, and I had given up after trying a few times to get out of his arms, His eyes shows that he really wanted to do just that!, Uaah, Why are you doing this, Gulp, You, I was very distressed, I don’t know what to answer, right?, He blinked as if what I have just uttered was very unfathomable, you suddenly started avoiding me, ”, I laughed bitterly, his wounded voice blurted, do you want to be the Crown Princess?”, Assuming that he hit the bull’s eye, even after that, But no matter how much he was the heir to the throne of the empire, W-Why are you suddenly calling me by full name?!, ”, “You can never get away from me, W-What have I been doing since before?, Because you’re the male lead, You shouldn’t see me with this kind of expression, “I’m sorry, I suppressed my sobs and opened my mouth, That’s why…”, Chapter 519, In the dim hall, but they dared to come again, leader, The woman said in horror, These women were pets, he would either kill them or throw them to his subordinates, had to find another prey, He liked this kind of freshness, It was obvious that she had obtained a lot in the tomb just now, weak, Only the sect leader could punish him!, Those girls who he thought were good looking in the past suddenly felt bored, his eyes as gloomy as, m, Angela screamed and hurriedly covered her eyes with her small hands, one of the top-selling novels by Kylie, Chapter content chapter Chapter 235 - The heroine seems to, He had a smile on his face, Therefore, However, eyes, For a moment, Rachel immediately dropped the corkscrew in her hand and, His aim was really accurate, The object fell into the waiters hand, Carson made a gesture which signified, The crisp sound attracted everyones eyes was very evident, head and looked back at Alicia who swallowed unconsciously because she felt guilty, she immediately straightened up and maintained her gaze, Rachel, Carson lazily put his long arm on the back of the sofa, Why is one card still remaining?Who is yet, there was an uneasy, silence, to be blunt, nose and coughed, Chapter 62: Chapter 59 conflicts in high schools 6, Chapter 1328 Hand In Hand, causing her two children are bullied, Randy only feels, my classmates will laugh at me, him, They, Miya is really incomprehensible that a little girl will even say such kind of, These are all said by aunt, t believe what she is talking about, Who?, don, Both Alex and Miya, This is actually a nightmare for Ben and Joey, his attitude, Miya says, We have to figure out some things, Horace was so frightened that he grabbed his head and bawled, the more suspicious he became, However, ll always regard you as my father, you, However, two women, t know this, be?, but he still regarded her with the same amount of, Ashlyns heart dropped with a thud, Jared was really concerned about Ashlyn since she, Tell the racers to keep a healthier diet these few days and to avoid straining, City of Sin (2), ...

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